The EU legislative environment

Policy Officer for packaging waste at the European Commission
David Buhé talks about the various recycling approaches, making it clear that the primary focus should be on avoiding waste directly at the source.

The recording provides information about:
  • The Circular Economy Action Plan and the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive from the EU
  • Why the current recycling discussion needs scientific facts
  • Why recycling materials are important but cannot be viewed as the whole solution

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About the speaker

David Buhé

Policy Officer for Packaging Waste at the European Commission

David Buhé is the ‎Policy Officer for Packaging Waste at the European Commission. He is actively involved in the revision of the Packaging Waste Directive that will concentrate on product design and avoiding waste. Prior to this, he worked at the French Ministry of Ecology, where he was responsible for the European Plastics Pact, signed in 2020. This pact aims to improve the life cycle management of plastics. In 2019, he worked on environmental issues (climate change, biodiversity and ocean protection) for the French G7 presidency.