The State of Net Zero

Net zero refers to a state in which the greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere are balanced by removal out of the atmosphere. In his presentation Sören Stöber from S&P Global Sustainable1 explains why Net Zero is hard to reach and which physical risks rising emissions pose to industries (and consumers), how those physical risks lead to financial risks, and what role transparecny plays in all this.
In this recording you will learn more about:
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • the resulting financial and physical risks for companies
  • the role of transparency in all of this

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About the speaker

Sören Stöber

Head of ESG Solutions Northern Europe for S&P Global Sustainable 1

Sören is Head of ESG Solutions Northern Europe for S&P Global Sustainable1. Sustainable 1 is S&P’s centralized source for ESG (environmental, social, governance) and climate intelligence. It offers comprehensive coverage across global markets combined with ESG products, insights and solutions from across all S&P divisions. Prior to joining S&P Sören held corporate sustainability and ESG reporting positions in Germany and the UK and worked for the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Energy and Environment. He holds a BA in Philosophy & Economics from Bayreuth University and a MSt in Sustainability Leadership from the University of Cambridge.