Sustainability as managed change

On Innovation, Transformation and Responsibility.
In this presentation, Fred Luks, economist, sustainability researcher and publicist, describes different interpretations of sustainability, focusing on sustainability as transformation. Transformation means not passively suffering change, but actively managing it. On the corporate level, innovation is an indispensable condition for sustainability. At the same time, the goal of sustainability can be a crucial driver of innovation. Fred shows the links between the general goal of a societal transformation toward sustainability and the business challenge of living up to this agenda, and will emphasize the crucial role that innovation and culture have to play in this process.

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About the speaker

Fred Luks

Fred Luks is an economist, sustainability researcher, and publicist. He studied economics in Hamburg and Honolulu and has long been involved in research, teaching and management of sustainability issues. His numerous publications include many articles for weekly and daily newspapers as well as ten books.