How to become a future-proof company?

Panel discussion
In this panel discussion, Manfred Stanek, CEO of Greiner Packaging, Helmut Maurer from the European Commission's DG Environment, and sustainability researcher Fred Luks address the question of whether the challenges we face today pose a threat to our world of tomorrow.

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Manfred Stanek

CEO Greiner Packaging

Manfred Stanek was appointed as CEO of Greiner Packaging in 2016. He is a global leader with over 20 years of experience in both industrial and professional services sectors – with strategic, commercial, operational, and team-building expertise informed by a focus on obtaining competitive advantage. He has an MBA in Business Administration from Vienna University of Business and Economics.

Fred Luks

Fred Luks is an economist, sustainability researcher, and publicist. He studied economics in Hamburg and Honolulu and has long been involved in research, teaching and management of sustainability issues. His numerous publications include many articles for weekly and daily newspapers as well as ten books.

Helmut Maurer

Senior Expert at the European Commission’s DG Environment

Mr. Maurer is a principal administrator, “Senior Expert” at the European Commission’s DG Environment, since 2016 in charge of chemicals and circular economy. He joined the European Commission in 2002, in charge of labour law in DG EMPL, later dealing with waste legislation and infringement proceedings in DG ENV. Mr. Maurer held a chair for European Community Law and International Commercial Law at Georg Simon Ohm Technical University Nürnberg.