Food, Transformation and Belonging
We are living in challenging times with profound changes effecting every part of our lives. Instability and flux have become common place. Confronted with our responsibility for the planet and one another, innovation opportunities, for both product and human transformation and development, are unprecedented. Understanding the ‘why’ of trends is key to any product development and in this presentation Morgaine Gaye will show some of the key driving forces which continue to shape consumer aspiration and behaviour.
In this recording you will learn more about
  • trends around food
  • consumer behavior of the future
  • and belonging in times of change

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About the speaker

Dr. Morgain Gaye

Food Futurologist

Dr Morgaine Gaye is a Food Futurologist who looks at food and eating from a social, cultural, economic, trend, branding and geo-political perspective. Her work involves running ideation sessions, consulting to food companies, developing new products and ideas; writing articles/ trend reports for PR and ad agencies; giving public, university and corporate lectures on specific food trends, developing new ideas for food-related TV and radio programmes and doing research on all elements of the eating experience from mouth-feel and texture to olfactory perception.