The Future of Plastics under the European Green Deal

Helmut Maurer from the European Commission’s DG Environment talks about the future of plastics under the European Green Deal.
With the European Green Deal the European Commission has sketched out its ambitions towards climate neutrality as well as how to achieve sustainable growth while respecting planetary boundaries. Plastics will be affected by a number of new regulations, posing new challenges for which industry is bound to find innovative answers. In his presentation Helmut Maurer from the European Comission’s DG Environment says: Plastic as a material has a short past und will have a very long future, provided we fully exploit all potential the material can have if we use it more wisely and if we are ready to accept disruptive business models that lead us towards a future in which we consume less but make much better use of the material we create, enjoying the same and even more services.

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Über den Vortragenden

Helmut Maurer

Senior Expert at the European Commission’s DG Environment

Mr. Maurer is a principal administrator, “Senior Expert” at the European Commission’s DG Environment, since 2016 in charge of chemicals and circular economy. He joined the European Commission in 2002, in charge of labour law in DG EMPL, later dealing with waste legislation and infringement proceedings in DG ENV. Mr. Maurer held a chair for European Community Law and International Commercial Law at Georg Simon Ohm Technical University Nürnberg.