How barrier packaging can support sustainability

Find out what developments in the plastic packaging industry can help toward achieving a circular economy and what role barrier technologies play in this.
In her presentation, Bettina Schrenk talks about Greiner Packaging’s barrier technologies and how they help to improve the shelf life of food products to a totally new level – without the use of any preservatives at all.  

The recording provides information about:
  • Which barrier technologies are used at Greiner Packaging
  • How the shelf life of food products can be improved by innovative packaging
  • What role barrier technologies play in the circular economy

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About the speaker

Bettina Schrenk

Global Expert R&D, Greiner Packaging

Bettina Schrenk has worked in research and development at Greiner Packaging since 2013. In addition to the further development of the department, she primarily devotes her time to Greiner Packaging’s barrier technologies. She boasts more than ten years of experience in the plastics industry.