Design and innovation: delivering the future of packaging

Find out how the demands on packaging have changed in the last few years and what ideal solutions may look like.
In his presentation, Stefan Ebli shows how packaging can be practical, functional, visually appealing and sustainable in equal measure. 

The recording provides information about:
  • What role design and innovation currently play when it comes to packaging
  • What best practice examples of functional, sustainable and attractive packaging there are
  • Current design trends for various market sectors

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About the speaker

Stefan Ebli

Head of Design and Prototyping Services, Greiner Packaging

Stefan Ebli has worked at Greiner Packaging since 2006, beginning as a Product Developer & Designer. He began to focus on packaging design, convenience, functionality and improving recyclability early on in his career. In 2011, he became the head of the new DesPro department – Greiner Packaging’s design and prototyping department. With countless innovative packaging solutions implemented each year, the DesPro team is able to give Greiner Packaging’s customers a decisive competitive edge.