Innovation Day 2022

May 18, Packworld, Oberwaltersdorf
The packaging industry is dynamic and constantly evolving. Requirements for packaging have changed dramatically in recent years and will continue to do so. Consumers and legislation call for sustainable packaging solutions, but products themselves are also changing and require different kinds of protection as well as dynamic presentation on market shelves.

Innovation and transformation will be key to fulfilling all these changing requirements in a sustainable way!

During our Innovation Day we will explore how to become fit for the packaging future – on May 18, 2022. The event will be held as a physical one in our Packworld venue in Oberwaltersdorf, near Baden bei Wien.



Doors of Packworld will open at 09.00 a.m. We are happy to welcome you for a cup of morning coffee. Information about the currently valid Corona rules will be sent to you in good time in advance via e-mail. During the whole day we will open our exhibition area at Packworld for you. Feel free to get in touch with our colleagues and learn about our latest innovations.
We will open our Innovation Day with an opening speech from our Greiner Packaging CEO Manfred Stanek about “Ambidextrous Leadership”.
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The title of Fred’s speech is “Sustainability as Managed Change.” As an expert on sustainability and transformation, Fred will teach us that transformation does not mean passively suffering change, but actively managing it.
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We invite you to enjoy a short coffee break. Get in touch with our packaging experts or stroll around the exhibition area.
Hardly any other topic is as exciting for the industry as the current developments in packaging directives on the part of the European Union. Take the chance to learn more from Helmut Maurer about the European Green Deal and its impact on our industry.
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How to become a future-proof company? Approach no. 1: Recognizing challenges and facing up to changing conditions

The entire day of the event will revolve around how companies can contribute to greater sustainability through innovation and transformation. In the first panel discussion in the morning, Manfred Stanek, Fred Luks and Helmut Maurer will discuss the most urgent challenges and changed framework conditions companies currently have to face. Above all, EU directives have played a major role. The questions will be discussed as to how to deal with the more difficult conditions of the past two years and what solutions are available so that companies can remain successful despite crises.

Your physical well-being will be taken care of. We invite you to a tasty lunch on the second floor. After the meal, our Greiner Packaging experts will be very pleased to be at your disposal for a joint visit to the exhibition area.
All of us know how great the challenges in raw material procurement currently are. With Anton Wolfsberger, we have an expert in polyolefins as our guest. He will give us his view on the transformation to a circular economy.
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What are the current global trends in the food industry and why? Above all, the why is crucial for the successful development of new products. Morgaine Gaye is an absolute expert in the field and will provide us with exciting insights.
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How to become a future-proof company? Approach no. 2: Recognize sustainability as priority number 1 in all areas

In the afternoon, Anton Wolfsberger, Sören Stöber and Morgaine Gaye will discuss the importance of recognizing sustainability in order to be successful as a company in the future. In line with their focus, the three will discuss sustainable materials, the impact of sustainable actions on finance, and sustainable food trends that companies need to address.

After the end of the event, you are invited to visit our exhibition area in Packworld again. All those who have registered for the shuttle bus to the airport will meet in front of the building for the joint departure.

Review 2019

For those who have never been at one of our Innovation Days, check out the video of our last physical Innovation Day in 2019 and feel the exciting Packworld atmosphere.


To ensure an optimal preparation for your visit, please let us know until May 12th, if we can expect to meet you at the Innovation Day. Please register at the enclosed form.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Due to Covid-19 safety measure we had to cut down the total number of guests. 

GREINER reserves the right, at its own discretion, to exclude users from the event at any time and to refuse registration.



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